Enterprise Portfolio Companies
Allsec Technologies

Allsec Technologies Ltd is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company with multiple delivery centers in India and Philippines, supporting a global clientele.

 Exit Information: IPO
Arula Systems

Arula Systems solution enables IT managers and service providers to securely manage network equipment and remote devices from any web browser.

 Exit Information: Acquired by Raritan
Concord Communications

Concord Communications develops of Web-based network reporting and analysis solutions that provide Fortune 100 companies with information they need to measure the effectiveness of their IT investment.

 Exit Information: IPO and then acquired by Computer Associates

Connectbeam provides an integrated set of enterprise social software applications by combining the features of social bookmarking, tagging, and social networking.

CrossMedia Services

CrossMedia Services is an advertising application service provider for brick and mortar retailers and manufacturers, to improve targeting of individual store promotions to shoppers via the Internet.

 Exit Information: Acquired by Gannett, Knight Ridder, and Tribune

Encentuate provides personal identity management solutions for the enterprise that are faster and more cost effective than traditional deployments.

 Exit Information: Acquired by IBM

Exodus is an outsourcing provider of managed computing and network infrastructure for IT applications.

 Exit Information: IPO and then acquired by Savvis
IL & FS Investment Limited

IL&FS Investsmart Limited is one of India’s leading financial services organizations providing individuals and corporates with customised financial management solutions.

 Exit Information: IPO
Level 7 (LVL7) Systems

Level 7 Systems offers networking software that accelerates the development of switches, routers, access and networking appliance devices.

 Exit Information: Acquired by Broadcom Corporation
NeoPath Networks

NeoPath Networks is developing appliances to deliver Network File Management (NFM) solutions.

 Exit Information: Acquired by Cisco

NetScaler is the global leader in developing high-performance Internet traffic management solutions.

 Exit Information: Acquired by Citrix
NextG Networks

NextG Networks is the market leader in outdoor DAS Networks, using fiber-fed distributed antenna systems to operate carrier-class wireless networks.

 Exit Information: Acquired by private equity syndicate
Persistent Systems

Persistent Systems is recognized as an award‐winning technology company specializing in outsourced software product development.


PlaceWare provides live meetings over the Internet to communicate with customers, partners, employees, and prospects.

 Exit Information: Acquired by Microsoft
Tejas Networks

Tejas Networks is a leading innovator of carrier grade optical transport equipment.

 Exit Information: Acquired by private equity syndicate
YLX Corporation

YLX Corporation develops and manufactures high performance solid-state light sources for consumer, industrial and medical applications by tilizing commercially available LEDs.